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Modernos sistemas de arneses y exclusivos interiores de vehículos: el nombre DRÄXLMAIER representa innovaciones automotrices - Productos para resaltar la experiencia al conducir. Todos los días, aproximadamente 70.000 asociados en todo el mundo cooperan aportando su conocimiento, habilidades y su pasión automotriz hacia este objetivo. Personas, a quienes les gusta tomar responsabilidad, usar su creatividad y contribuir sus ideas hacia el éxito común. ¡Personas como tú!

Porcess Development / Series Coord

Ubicación:  5971

ID de la posición:  50927804

General information

  • Department: Engineering  
  • Technical and disciplinary supervisor: Omar Saguero, Engineering Manager
  • Site: LMI

Objetive of the position

  • Supervisor of Engineering Change Coordinators, Continuous Improvement and Technical Training areas.

Principal activities

  1. Support the strategic planning of the department/unit (Abteilung/Fachbereich) by breaking down or developing the strategic planning for the group, within a short or medium-range time frame

  2. Plan and administer the budget in his/her area of responsibility, in cooperation with the supervisor, and make sure there is compliance with it

  3. Cooperate in personnel planning within his/her area of responsibility in cooperation with the supervisor; employ qualified personnel

  4. Provide technical and disciplinary leadership to associates that report to him/her; make personnel decisions in cooperation with the HR department and the supervisor

  5. Break down and prioritize group goals for associates

  6. Cooperate in developing products, equipment and/or services by contributing subject-specific expertise (e.g. in the form of concepts, technologies, systems, methods, etc.)


  • Professional career: Bachelor´s Degree

  • Education: Professional/graduate education (experienced professional) usually acquired through a bachelors degree or professional certification with several (three to five) years of experience in a specialized field (highly proficient in a technical, scientific or specialized field built on a thorough understanding of theoretical concepts and principles and their context)

  • Language: Advanced English

  • Relevant experience: Automotive Industry, Personal Management, Change Management Implementation, Product Development, Process Development.

  • Industry: Automotive

  • Technical knowledge: Root cause analysis, Core tools, GD&T, Safety Product, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001-2015 /OHSAS 18001, Specific Customer Requirements, Risk Analysis.


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